What We Have to Offer You

At Cool Springs Park, we have something for everyone! Any age, interest, or need, we can help you! Our owner, Harlan Castle, wanted his store to be the One Stop Shop! He researched, worked hard, and talked to his customers till he figured out what all the public wants out of an area when they stop. So after years of hard work, here is what Cool Springs has to offer you:

Our Restaurant

We have a full dine in restaurant that offers breakfast and lunch all day long! No matter the craving you are having, no matter what time of day, you can have what you want! Monday through Friday we offer fresh home cooked lunch specials. Nothing is out of a bag or box in our kitchen! Harlan's wife, Mary Castle, and the older women who helped keep this kitchen going since 1955 taught the daughter and granddaughter their secrets to old fashion home style cooking! When was the last time you had a true home cooked meal? Our breakfast menu offers a choice of pancakes or buckwheat cakes as your hot cake breakfast choice. Buckwheat cakes are on our table all year long! We serve fresh country bacon, ham, and sausage. Our fresh biscuits covered in sausage gravy is, guess what??? Homemade! The owner makes it every day as we run out to give you the best tasting breakfast you ever had! If you don't have time to sit down to enjoy your meal, that's ok! We offer carry out! 

Full-Service Gas Station

Yes, you read that right! One of very many few, we are a full-service gas station! We come out to offer you our assistance with pumping your gas. This allows you to run inside to grab a fast drink and snack, to stretch your legs, or simply just rest as we do the task for you. You can pay at our pumps with a card, or you may pay our gas attendants. They walk your money inside, so you don't have to. Now this is strictly a hospitality service that is offered to you. If you are not comfortable with someone else pumping your gas, we do not have to. We kind kindly step back and allow you to do this task without our interference. We offer all three grades of gasoline, on road diesel, off road diesel, kerosene, and LP gas.


We are the place with the cow on the roof and the train in the backyard! Harlan was a collector of antique equipment and steam engines! The property behind our store is lined with antique tractors, steam engines, classic trucks, farm equipment, and (our main attraction) a complete train that your family can climb aboard and see inside! This collection is one that everyone can see and enjoy! As you are touring the park, keep your eye out for our family pets! Here we have a variety of animals that call our store home. At the moment, we have two donkeys, one alpaca, a silver fox pheasant, three ring neck pheasants, two turkeys, three peacocks, our family dog Cloe, several rabbits, and several cats. All of these animals, except the pheasants, roam free at the store. They are all very friendly and adore when you come over to see them to give them some love and attention! We allow you to enjoy our property free of charge! All we ask in return is that you treat the antiques, the land, and the animals with the utmost respect! 

Convivence Store

Snacks, drinks, candy, restrooms, medicine, lottery tickets, coffee, and tobacco products are all products that we have for you to grab and go as you stop to your way down route 50. 


Being located 30 minutes from the nearest Walmart and an hour from the closest bigger city, our locals and travelers need a grocery provider! We have available the necessities of canned goods, refrigerator foods, snack foods, coffee supplies, milk, bread, etc.  

Toys & Souvenirs

Every kid needs a toy! Every traveler needs a souvenir! We have something for everyone in our store. The whole left side of our building is all toys, souvenirs, and gifts. From one to ninety-nine, there is something for you!


Being open all year around we get ever more merchandise in to help give you the most of your visit. In July we receive fresh peaches by the bin full that we personally sort out and sort into bushel boxes for you to buy. Towards the end of July, beginning of August, apple season starts and lasts till around November. Our apples come in large wooden crates, and we place them out-front for you to browse through and pick what you want! We sell apples in four different sizes! Around the middle of August we will start receiving fresh produce from the local farmers! In October we get in pumpkins by the truck loads! Our pumpkins go from one pound to one hundred pounds! We receive seasonal fall flowers in with our pumpkins as well. In December we get cut and rooted Christmas trees in! In the spring we get a beautiful variety of potted flowers. As spring moves forward and summer approaches with garden season, we have a huge variety of potted flowers, hanging baskets, fruit bushes, fruit trees, vegetable plants, and flowering bushes! All year round at our store keep us busy and blessed! These timelines above are our average arrival times. These times are NOT set in stone. Each item all depends on when the farmers and green houses have these items ready for us to pick up. There are a ton of variables that go into raising all of these so that means dates can vary!

Sweet Tooth

A motto we hold true to is that no matter the day, no matter the time, it is never the wrong time for ice cream! Candy, homemade desserts, soft serve ice cream cones (three flavor options), twenty-one milkshake flavors, and twenty-nine different ice cream sundae flavors, your sweet tooth will never go unsatisfied at Cool Springs Park!

Home Repair

As mentioned previously, the closest stores to us are 30 minutes to an hour away. When you have a house emergency at six o'clock in the morning, you want to be able to drive 10 minutes to get the supplies needed to help you fix your emergency! That is exactly what we have for you! Hardware, tools, plumbing, lumber, Mahoning stove parts, concrete mix, water line, electrical breakers, and the list goes on! We want to be able to help you fix whatever problem you have!


Being located along route 50, we feel it is our duty to have automotive supplies handy to help you with any car crisis you may experience. Antifreeze, oil, wipers, tire patch, air, battery terminals, jumper cables, DEF, etc. Don't panic if you pull into our parking lot with a car issue. We either have what you need to fix it or we have all the local garages that can come and help you get it back on the road!


Farming is a big deal in our area, in our state! Our locals, and even all sides of our family, own a farm. Farming is not an easy task. Having a community business close by that cares means a lot! We are that business. We have fence supplies, electric fence supplies, tools, wire, hay supplies, straw, livestock feed, livestock medicine, milk substitutes, nursing aids, and minerals. 

For Your Pet

We can't forget about our furry friends! On top of everything else we sell, we have dog food, cat food, bird seed, rabbit food, and pet treats here for you! We won't let anyone or anything go hungry!


Well there it is, this is who we are and why we are here. E. Harlan Castle wanted his store to be the One Stop Shop! He worked very hard to build this foundation and we are here to continue it! We open up every day at 6:30am to provide for you the most we can. We thank you for making us a part of your trip and a part of your life! We can't wait to see you again! Have a blessed day!